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In July 2001, the Minister for Trade and Industry introduced a Bill in Parliament to establish the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Act, which was passed by Parliament and became law on 5 October 2001. SBF was then established on 1 April 2002 as the apex business chamber championing the interests of the Singapore business community in the areas of trade, investment and industrial relations both locally and overseas.

Under Section 5 of the SBF Act, all Singapore-registered companies with paid up capital or authorized share capital of $0.5 million and above will be SBF statutory members.

The SBF Act can be found on the website, under “About Us”.


To date, SBF has introduced numerous local and overseas initiatives for the Singapore business community.  Check out the wide variety of activities in store for SBF members!


The annual subscription rates for statutory members are as follows:

   Company’s paid up/ authorised share capital

Annual fees *

   $10m & above


   $5m to less than $10m


   $1m to less than $5m


   $0.5m to less than $1m


*All fees are inclusive of 7% GST

The annual subscription fees for associate members (voluntary) are as follows:

   Category of associate members

Annual fees *

   Companies with paid up/ authorised capital less than $0.5m


   Associations/Chambers/Societies registered in Singapore


   Entities not within any of the above categories


*All fees are inclusive of 7% GST. A one-off entrance fee of $321 will also apply to new or re-joining members.


With reference to the SBF Constitution (Article 10.6) the annual subscription fee is payable to SBF yearly in advance on or before 1st January of every Official Year (“due date”).

Interest for late payment shall be chargeable on the unpaid fee from the due date until the date of actual payment. Arrears of annual subscription fee and interest on late payment may be recoverable from the member by the Council by an action for a debt in any court of competent jurisdiction. The monthly late interest charge stands at 2% above the bank’s prime rate per annum on the overdue accounts.

Membership of a statutory member shall be terminated in any of the following situations:

(a) the member is wound up, liquidated or deregistered under the Companies Act;

(b) the Minister, by order under Section 5(2)(a) of the SBF Act, exempts the statutory member from membership to SBF; or

(c) the amount of paid up share capital of the local/foreign statutory member falls below the minimum prescribed requirements (less than $0.5 million paid up capital) for membership to SBF.

Membership of an associate member in SBF shall be terminated in the following situation:

(a) With reference to Article 11.4 of SBF Constitution, an associate member may terminate its membership in SBF by giving the Council at least one (1) month’s written notice of termination.

A member who ceases to be a member under Article 11 of the SBF Constitution shall not be entitled to a refund of any part of the annual subscription fee paid for that Official Year.

If your company’s paid up capital is $0.5 million and above, the company is a statutory member. A copy of your company’s ACRA BizFile is required to incorporate the company as an SBF member. A subscription fee invoice will be sent to the company for your necessary action.

Exemption Application

Companies with no employees during the entire period (i.e. 1 Jan to 31 Dec of the preceding year) may apply for membership exemption for the upcoming year. The forms are available for downloading from the SBF website (http://www.sbf.org.sg/public/membership/downloadableforms.jsp) from 1 Oct of the year immediately preceding the year in respect of which the exemption applies.

If the exemption form is not received by the deadline 30 Oct of the year preceding to exemption/subscription year, or the company does not qualify for exemption, the invoice for the upcoming year’s subscription fee will be generated. Incomplete applications will delay the evaluation, and may be rejected.

Kindly note that exempted companies will not get to enjoy any of SBF membership benefits during the year of exemption.

If your company’s paid up capital is $0.5 million and above, the company is a statutory member. A copy of your company’s ACRA BizFile is required to incorporate the company as an SBF member. A subscription fee invoice will be sent to the company for your necessary action.

If your company’s paid capital is less than $0.5 million, you can join as an associate member. Kindly submit the original signed copy of the associate membership application, a copy of the company’s ACRA Bizfile (if registered locally) and a cheque payment. For payment details, please refer to FAQ 4 above.

  • Form E and the most recent fully signed audited accounts of the Company; OR 
  • Form E and the most recent BizFile to support the Exempt Private company type/ most recent Annual Filing to support Dormant status; OR
  • Form E and Statutory Declaration by a Director of the Company before Commissioner of Oath/Notary Public/Justice of Peace; OR
  • Form E and the most recent consolidated company management account and BizFile from ACRA for newly formed companies in its first two years.

Members may mail the exemption application and the supporting documents to:

160 Robinson Road,
#06-01, SBF Center,
Singapore 068914
Attention: Membership Department

The company requesting for exemption has to make the declaration on a yearly basis to ensure that the information is most up to date.


Members have a wide variety of payment modes such as GIRO and PayNow Corporate. Kindly refer to the website for more details.

The banking details may be found on the reverse side of the invoice or from the website – Payment Modes.


Members may log on to the Members’ E-portal to perform the updating.  Alternatively, members may email to on the changes to be done.

Members may download the Authorised Representative update form from the SBF website.  Once completed, members may email it to or fax to 6827 6801 for updating.

Members' e-Portal

Members may email to for request for login details or to reset passwords.

The e-Portal allows members to self-help in updating your company information as well as registering and paying for SBF’s events. Please refer to the SBF Member Portal Guide for more details.

Existing SBF members can click on “Create a new Account” from the Members’ e-Portal for creation of your account. Please select the correct company listing from the “organisation” drop-down list to allow you to enjoy members’ rate when registering for events.


In accordance with the SBF Act, every company which has a paid up or authorised share capital of or above the amount of S$500,000 shall be statutory members of the SBF. As each subsidiary is registered as individual company, i.e. having different ROC number as registered with ACRA, each subsidiary will be considered as a separate entity. There is no provision in the Act for group membership.

Thus for cases where there is a holding company and subsidiary companies, each has to be a statutory member by virtue of the Act. Membership fee is therefore payable for each company.

You would need to provide SBF with the supporting documents from ACRA for the official termination of the membership.

Members will need to email the latest supporting documents like BizFile (reflecting the changes in paid up capital) from ACRA to or fax it to 6827 6801. Upon the receipt of the request, records will be updated and a revised invoice will be issued for your necessary follow up.

For membership matters, you may call 6827 6844 or email:

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