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Reshaping the future of business, one leader at a time

The Young Business Leaders Network (YBLN) is a diverse network of young business professionals united by a desire to create positive impact through their businesses. We support this community by curating opportunities to meet peers, share ideas and experiences, and develop partnerships. If you’re one of such passionate and driven individuals check out how the SBF Young Business Leaders Network is reshaping the future of business, one leader at a time.

About Us

It starts with leadership

The business challenges of today far exceed the ones faced by previous generations. That is why the world needs young leaders who can imagine and champion more sustainable practices. A new cohort capable of doing business in ways that ultimately benefit people and society at large.

The Business Roundtable (BRT) redefined the purpose of a corporation beyond its accountability to shareholders, but to all stakeholders. This includes customers, employees, vendors, partners, investors - but also the community in which we live. 

Inspired by this vision, SBF created the Young Business Leaders Network (YBLN) to harness the potential of Singapore’s young entrepreneurs, ‘next-gen’ business owners, and corporate leaders.


How YBLN empowers a socially sustainable future

  • People are stepping into leadership roles at a much younger age, the skills required have multiplied exponentially and the impact of their decisions has far-reaching consequences.
  • To overcome the challenges of being a leader today, YBLN has built a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community that offers knowledge, guidance, and exposure.
  • Here you can meet peers, learn from mentors, share experiences, and explore partnerships that — together — can create positive social impact in the world today and for the generations to come.
  • Our ethos is one of inclusivity and collaboration, and we actively champion business practices that are in pursuit of innovation, community wellbeing, environmental stewardship, and good governance, in addition to economic success.
  • If you also believe there is more to business than being financially successful and want to connect with like-minded innovative leaders who are making a difference, explore the benefits of joining the YBLN.

What we do, matters for the community and the planet

We believe we can build success and sustainable organisation, and leadership plays a big role in this, recognising that purpose must be realised through action.

YBLN not only leverages SBF’s 27,000-member network. It’s an active community itself that helps members to meet, share, and partner through a combination of fireside chats, workshops, mentorship programmes, and strategic projects to positively impact people, society, and the world through business. Are you one of such courageous, committed, and spirited new-gen leaders? Find out more about all-year-round activities of YBLN and the initiatives that are shaping our business community.

YBLN is also Singapore’s official representative to the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council and Association, connecting our home-grown leaders with the rest of the world.


When you join the YBLN, you will get to leverage:

  • Our community. Being surrounded by individuals who – like you – are determined to make a change, leave a footprint and make a tangible difference.
  • The SBF network. A bench strength of more than 27,000 members and unique resources that are unparalleled in Singapore.
  • Thought leadership & inspiration. A combination of fireside chats, workshops, business missions, family business/multi-generation wealth transfer and mentorship programmes, among others.

Our all-year-round activities include:


YBLN Dialogue with Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat (27 September 2023)

Since the Young Business Leaders Network (YBLN) was established 5 years ago, it has gathered a diverse and dynamic mix of young leaders and introduced platforms to mentor them and expose them to new opportunities and networks in Singapore and abroad. We were honoured to have DPM Heng Swee Keat join us for a dialogue with YBLN members on 27 September 2023. 

Here we have the three key takeaways from the closed door YBLN dialogue with DPM Heng:

  1. Exploring Entrepreneurship: A holistic perspective on Innovation, Exploration and Value Creation across sector
  2. Strategic Foresight: Shaping the future with government insights and scenario planning for resilient organisations
  3. Defining the Singaporean Brand: Achieving success through collaborative forward-thinking and vigilant management

For more details on the dialogue, you can visit BiZspoke, SBF's bi-weekly newsletter at:


YBLN x Endowus - Brand Purpose: Inspiring Innovation, Creativity & Change (13 July 2023)

With a trend of rising consumer awareness and increased scrutiny on companies’ goals and values, reaching out to people has never been more important in our current market. In fact, research has shown that people now place high importance on making connections to businesses, and search for an alignment when making purchasing decisions.


These factors clearly make a strong brand purpose essential to any business looking to rejuvenate itself and inspire creativity, driving change! From Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Multi-National Corporations (MNCs), businesses of all sizes can tap on a strong brand purpose to drive transformation and loyalty, to ultimately do well, by doing good.


Interested in finding out what brand purpose looks like in action?


Keen to kickstart your own journey?


Join the Young Business Leaders Network to hear from Jason Huan, Chief Marketing Officer of Endowus, Mylene Ong, Head of Digital Sales & Marketing of Citibank Singapore, Tony Soh, CEO of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre and Julia Wei, CEO of Edelman Singapore. Learn how companies can build their brands to be purpose-driven and drive meaningful change from the ground-up!


Master Class: Artificial Intelligence: Fact vs Fiction (22 June 2023)

With powerful digital tools such as ChatGPT revolutionising the role
of technology in our everyday lives, knowing how to navigate the
complex landscape of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has become more important than ever. In fact, it is projected that by 2030, A.I. will be an essential component of day-to-day company operations (Aitude, 2023).

Interested in equipping yourself with relevant skills to tackle the incoming A.I wave?

Curious to find out how A.I can be adopted in a business setting?

Join the Young Business Leaders Network at A.I. Fact vs Fiction, and hear more from Mr Ritchie Ng, Head of Data & A.I. at Eastspring Investments. Gain knowledge on the functions of A.I., its benefits and limitations, and explore different use cases for businesses through an engaging MASTER CLASS and PANEL DISCUSSION which will be joined by Mr Adrian Cabrera de Luis, Founder & CEO of Maestro Labs and Mr Chang Sau Sheong, Deputy Chief Executive of GovTech Singapore.


Strategic Growth Strategies through M&A (11 April 2023)

All SMEs should, at some point, consider leveraging Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) activity to grow their business.

But when do you merge and when do you acquire?

When do you instead choose to build the business organically?

How do you find the right company to merge or acquire?

What are the pitfalls and landmines in M&A deals?

And how does this all change in the current high inflation and high interest rate environment?

Join the Young Business Leaders Network as we delve deep into the topic of Strategic Growth Strategies through M&A with H.E. George Goh, Executive Chairman, Ossia International Limited and Founder and Deputy Chairman, Harvey Norman Ossia and Mr Mark Lee, CEO of Sing Lun Holdings, as they share honest insights on their experiences in strategically leveraging M&A to achieve business goals, as well as practical industry advice for companies to consider and to better position themselves in markets.


Alternative Funding for SMEs (17 January 2023)

If you’re looking to raise funding for your business, then you’re not alone. But do you know the lay of the land when it comes to obtaining capital and funding for your Start-up or SME?

  • Should you raise debt or equity?
  • Who are the capital providers you should be speaking to?
  • What are their offerings and are you the kind of SMEs or Start-ups they will provide capital to?
A deep exploration of Alternative Funding Sources for Start-Ups and SMEs was provided by Alex Chua, the Founder of Goldbell Financial Services.


Coaching for Leadership & Organisational Development (22 November 2022)

Ever wondered…

How a Coach can help you become a better person and leader?
How a Coach can improve your organisation’s performance?
How Coaching can benefit your team and propel organisational growth?

Coaching has quickly become a norm for business leaders who desire personal and professional growth. But how do you get started, and how do you get the best out of it?

These questions and more were answered by our expert panel on Coaching:

Mr Timothy Nga, a learning facilitator and developmental business performance coach believes that business leaders constantly navigate a rapidly changing web of challenges that require decisiveness.

Ms Yu Dan Shi, Director of Behavioural Science APAC at CoachHub, Author & Executive Coach. Combining more than twenty years in corporate leadership and expertise in psychology, Yu Dan specialises in helping professionals become more effective leaders by renewing the direction, energy, and taking these leaders to a whole new level of joy, success and fulfilment.


Mr Alvin Poh of is an entrepreneur passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs scale their business using the 5E Scale Engine, a methodology to systematically grow and scale businesses efficiently.


Weatherproofing Your Business: Overcoming Inflation & Recession (11 October 2022)

Many business owners have undergone a variety of challenges during 2020 and 2021, as the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the economy. Even as the world attempts to return to some normality, we are now plagued by inflation levels we have not seen in decades, and signs of a recession on the horizon. What are some actionable ideas and insights that can help businesses in different industries? What strategies have worked to help businesses navigate inflationary and recessionary pressures?  Listen to Gabriel Lim, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Trade and Industry, Anna Lim, Founder and Executive Director of The Soup Spoon Pte Ltd and Souperfoods Pte Ltd, and Ron Sim, Executive Chairman of V3 Group as they shed light on the economy, business challenges and trends, and business strategies to consider.


YBLN x NVPC: Driving the Corporate Purpose Agenda (24 August 2022)

The Young Business Leaders Network has returned once again with a PURPOSE! As societal expectations evolve, so have the dynamics between business and society. In collaboration with the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (“NVPC”), we explored why it is important to re-examine the positive impact businesses would like to create & why our community should integrate purpose with core business strategies and take the lead on being purpose driven organisations.


Human Capital: People, Leadership & Talent (12 May 2022)

The Young Business Leaders Network presents “A Deep Dive into People, Leadership & Talent”. Listening to the musings of fellow young leaders, share ground-breaking ideas and engaging in an in-depth conversation about the most pressing human capital management issues of our times. Enhancing human capital - a tenet for the business of tomorrow. With change comes great possibility.


Ingenuity@Work – People, Process & Performance (30 Nov 2021)

Hosted by the Young Business Leaders Network, learn of relatable extraordinary business stories from 4 inspirational individuals on how they “Make it Happen, Make it Matter!” while we thrive through the transition of the pandemic into an endemic. Be the change you want to see around you – expect and believe the unexpected, and achieve beyond your capacity!


Conversations for Change - Profit with Purpose: The Pathway to Lasting Business Resilience (24 Aug 2021)

In collaboration with Sustainable Employment, YBLN invited Caroline Seow, Benjamin Chua, Jacqui Hocking, and Robin Pho to share their journeys of building resilient businesses with a purpose, how they redefined business success, and how enterprises strive not to be "best-in-the-world" but "best-for-the-world”. 


Dialogue with Minister Chan Chun Sing: Opportunity of A Generation (3 December 2020)

A special conversation with Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing to cap off the year on the global economic landscape, and how young business leaders can play a vital role in the future of our economy. The dialogue was moderated by Suhaimi Zainul-Abidin.


Fireside Chat: Leading During & After Crisis (15 June 2020)

YBLN’s second Fireside Chat had Sajen Aswani, Chief Executive of Tolaram Group and Tan Chin Hwee, Asia-Pacific Chief Executive of Trafigura Group share what they forecast and how they are positioning themselves for the future. This Fireside Chat was moderated by Fang Eu-Lin, Partner of PwC Singapore.


AYEC Cambodia Delegation (11 Oct 2019)

Eleven young entrepreneurs from Cambodia, led by the President of Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia, met their Singapore counterparts including Chong Ee Rong, Chairperson of YBLN Exco, Mark Lee, Vice Chair of YBLN Exco, TS Teo, MD of PIL Logistics, and SS Teo, SBF Chairman, at a networking dinner. The Royal Ambassador of Cambodia to Singapore was the Guest-of-Honour.


AYEC Carnival and Meeting, Bangkok (2-3 Sep 2019)

Three YBLN Singapore members presented at the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council Carnival and Meeting, and networked with more than 350 participants from 10 ASEAN countries.


Fireside Chat: Stewardship in Business (29 Aug 2019)

In YBLN's first Fireside Chat, distinguished guest speakers Beh Swan Gin, Chairman of Economic Development Board, and Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara, Chief Executive of Temasek International, shared their thoughts on the stewardship mindset and values Singapore businesses need to have to navigate today's economic climate.


ASEAN Economic & Trade Activity, China (27-31 May 2019)

The China Young Entrepreneurs’ Association hosted YBLN Singapore members at the ASEAN Economic & Trade Activity. They attended a business matching session, heard about investment opportunities, and visited leading Ningxia companies and conglomerates.


Building Purposeful Brands (16 Apr 2019)

Twenty-four YBLN members attended a workshop conducted by Daniel Comar, Geometry Asia Pacific, on how brands with clarity of purpose can achieve greater success.


Roundtable with David Werdiger (31 Jan 2019)

This interactive session focused on maintaining the critical harmony and balance in both the family and business when there is a family business succession transfer. There was also a discussion on preserving family values as one's business internationalises.


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We believe purpose must translate into action. These are a few examples of how young Singaporean leaders are reshaping the future of business:


YBLN Mentorship Programme

Building the next generation of leaders
Inspired by the success of earlier generations, SBF created the Young Business Leaders Network (YBLN) to harness the potential of Singapore's brightest entrepreneurs, ‘next gen’ business owners, and corporate leaders. Our vibrant community represents the hope and future for Singapore stewardship. Structured over a 12-month period, the YBLN Mentorship Programme offers YBLN members the opportunity to engage, learn, and be inspired by some of Singapore’s most successful industry stalwarts.



The SBF-YBLN HOPE Fund was aimed to help our promising enterprises tide over the pandemic crisis. Click here for more information. Please access the various media reports below: 


SBF-YBLN HOPE Fund Partnership with CIMB and Goldbell

The SBF-YBLN HOPE Fund announced a partnership with CIMB Bank Singapore and Goldbell Financial Services to bring further financial support to SMEs impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for more information. Please access the various media reports below:

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Our shared future depends on the thoughts, values, and actions of our current generation of young business leaders. To join us, please reach out to the Young Business Leaders Network team via our Enquiry Form.