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About SBF Business Institute

Established by SBF, the SBF Business Institute (SBI) aims to help SBF members and the wider business community build capabilities and achieve inclusive and quality-driven growth.

Through professional practitioners, certified trainers and successful Business Mentors, SBI helps companies address pertinent business challenges by providing training services tailored to upgrading capabilities and up-skilling the workforce.

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SBI helps companies gear up for growth and success with a comprehensive suite of courses from the 4 focus areas on:

  • Internationalisation / Trade
  • Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)
  • Digitalisation
  • Business Operations

Acquire essential skills required to maximise business value in areas relating
to internationalisation / trade.


  • Eyeing Asia: Employment/Investment Law
  • Intercultural Communication Skills
  • International Business Negotiation Skills
  • Sea Freight Forwarding 101
  • Successful M&A: Considerations, Process, Strategies

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Future-proof your business in the area of ESG through frameworks and best practices shared by industry experts.

  • Carbon Management Workshop
  • Driving Sustainable Procurement Across Supply Chain
  • ESG: Legal Considerations, Implications & Best Practices
  • Sustainability Finance for SMEs and Projects
  • Sustainability Supervision in Your Business: ESG Compliance for a Profit-driven Yet Ethical Approach

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Develop digital competencies required to leverage technology to keep up with the industry and remain competitive.

  • Data Analytics for Business Decisions: Linear Regression Model
  • Establishing Your Brand via TikTok
  • Exploring Tableau Public for Data Application & Visualisation
  • Integrate LinkedIn Marketing Campaign in Your Business
  • Metaverse Marketing Strategies for Enterprises

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Improve business efficiency and effectiveness through a range of practical training courses.

  • Apply Skills Framework for HR Planning and Management
  • Data Analytics for Business Decisions
  • Managing GST Effectively for Businesses
  • Overview of Employment Law in Singapore
  • Skills for Successful Selling

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Receive funding of up to 70% when you register for any of our SSG Funded Programmes.
Programmes that are SSG Funded contain "(SSG Funded)" in the course title.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Some of our SSG Funded Programmes:
Establish TikTok Marketing Strategy Plan (SSG Funded)
Formulate & evaluate WeChat strategic plan (SSG Funded)
Implement Skills Framework in Organisational (SSG Funded)

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