Pro-Enterprise Panel

The Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP) is a private-public panel chaired by the Head of Civil Service. The PEP comprises business leaders as members, supported by a network of senior public officers.

The PEP serves as an internal advocate for businesses within the government with the aim of creating a more pro-enterprise environment that enables businesses to grow.

The PEP works closely with public agencies to provide timely, effective and practical solutions to address the regulatory concerns that businesses face. More than 2,000 suggestions have been received, with more than 1,000 already influencing changes in rules or regulations. The PEP also encourages entrepreneurs to be more innovative. The First Mover Framework provides entrepreneurs with a head-start and gives them better access to the use of public assets to implement their ideas.

SBF is represented on the PEP and actively provides feedback on regulatory/compliance cost concerns.

To find out more about PEP or submit a suggestion, please visit the MTI PEP website here.

SBF members who have feedback on rules and regulations that may hinder your business or stifle entrepreneurship, productivity and innovation, please reach out to us at [email protected].