Jobs Development Partner Programme

Role of SBF

SBF has been appointed by the Government as the Programme Manager for Jobs Development Partner (JDP) Programme.

JDP Programme aims to work closely with companies, especially SMEs, to accelerate industry transformation and spur job creation and job redesign. SBF will complement existing efforts by the Government, Trade Associations & Chambers and eco-system partners to consolidate resources to help the business community in their transformation journey.


Companies can tap on the complimentary holistic advisory services provided by Industry Transformation Advisors (ITAs) to understand their transformation readiness, identify needs and gaps, connect to specialists, obtain tailored solutions, support on project management, and review manpower process and needs.

Experienced ITAs will be stationed within SBF and industry TACs to provide advisory services to companies in their respective sectors, ranging from wholesale trade, logistics, lifestyle, retail, waste management, aerospace and food manufacturing.

The following Industry Transformation Advisors (ITAs) are engaged by SBF on a full-time basis to provide advisory work to companies under the Jobs Development Partner Programme.  Please contact [email protected] should you need to verify any of ITAs listed below.

To view ITAs' profile and industry experience, please click here.

Singapore Business Federation (Wholesale Trade)
Quah Siew Heng


Lam Kong Hong


Claudius Ng


Cody Lee


Seconded to Partner TACs
Loh Wai Cheong

Association of Aerospace Industries Singapore (AAIS) and Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association (SPETA)

Justin Ma

Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME)

Ryal Wun

Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI)

Foo Suan Dick

Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS)

Lawrence Au

Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC)

Alex Teo

Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association (SFMA)

Jasmine Low

Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association (SFMA)

Selvaduray Manikam

Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI)

Amelia Ho

Singapore Productivity Association (SGPA) & Seafood Industries Association Singapore (SIAS)

Fabian Wang

Singapore Logistics Association (SLA)

Lu Cheng Yang

Singapore Motorcycle Trade Association (SMTA) and Singapore Timber Association (STA)

Cynthia Ng

Singapore Retailers Association (SRA)

Stephen Sing

Singapore Retailers Association (SRA)

JJ Simon

Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS) & Environment Management Association of Singapore (EMAS)

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Contact SBF JDP Programme Office

If you are interested to transform your business, please sign up now as there is limited complimentary advisory slots available and based on first come first serve basis.

Please reach out to Jobs Development Partner Programme team via our Enquiry Form and we will respond to you within five working days.

*Key decision makers’ support and time commitment will be required to facilitate a fruitful advisory outcome.