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FTA Education & Outreach

FTA Team @ SBF at a glance

To educate Singapore businesses and gather their feedback on Singapore’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), so that businesses can better leverage these agreements to internationalise
We seek to:
To raise awareness and educate Singapore businesses on how they can benefit from using Singapore’s FTAs To be a one-stop advisory centre for all FTA-related enquiries from Singapore businesses To gather feedback on trade-related issues so that the Singapore Government can better facilitate trade for our business community
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Did you know?

Free Trade Agreements
  • Reduce tariffs for your importers of eligible goods
  • Improve market access and create more business opportunities overseas
  • Expedite customs clearance for your shipments
  • Offer you a recourse should you face problems with your FTA trading partner
  • Provide a stable trading environment for your goods and services

How can we help?

We offer the following services through various channels:

1 to 1 Advisory Service

Seminars and Training

Industry Consultation

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Contact us at if you:
  • Need help navigating the often difficult and legalistic FTA rules to get tariff concessions for your exports?
  • Face barriers to using FTAs?
  • Experience cross-border challenges when venturing overseas?
  • Want to learn more about FTAs?

Calendar of Events

Month Course Name
23 October 2019 Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Symposium
4 February 2020 EUSFTA Series II
Q1/Q2 2020 FTA Course (Level 1)
FTA Course (Level 2) - Food Sector
Market Insight Seminar - ASEAN Market and FTA Opportunities
FTA Seminar - Diving into ASEAN FTAs

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