CCP-Internationalisation Professionals (CCP-I)

About Career Conversion Programme for Internationalisation Professionals (CCP-I)

Formerly known as Professional Conversion Programme for Southeast Asia Ready Talents (PCP-SEA), the scope of the new CCP-I covers markets such as China in addition to Southeast Asia. CCP-I will also help companies keen to ride on the digitalisation wave to train staff with skills in B2B e-commerce.

CCP- Internationalisation Professionals

CCP-I is offered in three modalities:

  • Place and Train (9 months duration): For new hires
  • Redeployment (6 months duration): For existing employees at immediate or short-term risk of redundancy
  • Job Redesign/ Reskilling (3 months duration): For existing employees who required to be reskilled to take on redesigned or new internationalisation related role.
  • Company must be registered/ incorporated in Singapore
  • Candidate must be minimum of 21 years old with at least 2 years of working experience
  • Candidate must be a new hire or existing employees nominated by an eligible participating company for the CCP
  • Candidate must not be in similar job role prior to joining CCP
  • Company and Candidate must commit to the CCP training arrangements
  • Companies need to provide a clear development plan for the trainee and how these plans support internationalisation
  • Be committed to work with SBF on the necessary administrative matters

For New Hires

  • Company must offer the new hire a PMET job and issue a valid employment contract.

For Existing Employees

  • Affected Candidate would need to have at least 1 year of service with the company
  • (Redeployment) Candidate to be at immediate or short-term risk of redundancy
  • (Job Redesign/ Reskilling) Transformation must affect at least 50% of current job scope.*

*Job level and salary should not be lower than previous and where relevant; company should provide an increment (where possible) that commensurate the new role / responsibility if it is of a higher job value.


Specialised Tracks

CCP-I offers regional tracks such as China and Southeast Asia. In addition to region, CCP-I also offers B2B ecommerce track for companies’ overseas expansion.


To access the various track flyer, please click on the track of interest below.


Training Modules Covered

 For New Hires or Redeployment, the trainee is required to complete a minimum of 130 hours (worth $13,000) of training for the mandatory, specialised elective track and functional elective modules.

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 For Job Redesign / Reskilling, the trainee is required to complete a minimum of 43 hours of training.


Funding Support

 Should the trainee (new hire) be employed between 1 Sep 2020 and 31 Mar 2023, the company will be entitled to receive the  Jobs Growth Incentive, in addition to the government subsidy for course fee grant as well as relevant salary support.

Eligible employers will receive a one-off S$10,000 credit to cover up to 90% of out-of-pocket expenses on qualifying costs for supportable initiatives (such as training fee), over and above the support levels of existing schemes. Click here to find out more on SkillFuture Enterprise Credit.

CCP-I Programme funding

Please refer to the following documents for more information:

  • Click here for the Slides on Career Conversion Programme for Internationalisation Professionals : CCP-I Slide
  • Click here for the Brochure on Career Conversion Programme for Internationalisation Professionals : CCP-I Brochure
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