Industry 4.0 Human Capital Initiative (IHCI)

about Industry 4.0 Human Capital Initiative (IHCI)

Industry 4.0 Human Capital Initiative (IHCI) is the first programme in Singapore designed to promote Industry 4.0 (i4.0) transformation with an emphasis on technology and human capital development.

The IHCI Enabler Programme

Accelerate your i4.0 transformation across three core elements – business, technology, and organisation. Over the 8-week programme, your team will partner experienced professionals from McKinsey & Co. and Ernst & Young to identify key productivity drivers, implement technology solutions and develop your human capital plans for the transformation.

Through the IHCI Enabler Programme, your business can:

  • Pilot curated i4.0 solutions at your shopfloor/facility, experience potential increase in productivity, revenue and profitability, while lowering your operational costs.
  • Redesign existing job roles and reskill your workforce to enable i4.0 implementation and scale-up, as well as sustaining it for the future.

Community of Practice

Companies that complete the eight-week IHCI Enabler Programme will gain access to an exclusive Community of Practice (COP) ecosystem. Besides being supported by over 25 technology and solution providers in your implementation and scale up of i4.0 transformation, hear and learn firsthand from alumni IHCI companies on their transformation journeys and how they have eased the transition in their business.

With up to 90% subsidy from Workforce Singapore, the IHCI Enabler Programme offers a low-cost, risk-free environment for your company to get a taste of successful i4.0 implementation.

Hear more about what the IHCI Enabler Programme does and how it has helped more than 130 companies achieve productivity gains and job redesign outcomes via the below video:

Upcoming Events

Join us at our upcoming complimentary events to find out more about how IHCI can assist your company’s transformation journey!

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  • For more information about the programme, please refer to the IHCI Overview Deck
  • You may contact the IHCI team via our enquiry form to request for a complimentary, non-obligatory site visit to your shopfloor/facility to scope out possible ways which IHCI can benefit your organisation