SBF SME Committee

The SBF SME Committee (SMEC) provides a platform that brings together the Government, Trade Associations and Chambers, and business leaders to address issues of concern to the SME community. Its aim is to create a business-friendly Singapore through informed perspectives and constructive resolution.

The SMEC was established on 7 December 2011 by SBF as a key platform for SME engagement on business issues, and to help SMEs build capabilities and remain competitive. It has been a privilege of the SMEC to have representatives from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Manpower serve on the Committee as Advisors, helping garner public sector support for SMEC’s initiatives. These advisors have included Senior Minister of State, Mr Chee Hong Tat and Mr Zaqy Mohamad and Minister of State, Ms Low Yen Ling.

Some of the work of the SMEC includes: