Solar-Powered AI Management: Singapore's First Microalgae Plant Set to Produce Alternative Protein Foods Next Year

The construction of Singapore's inaugural Solar-Powered AI-Managed Algae Farm and Alternative Protein Production Site commenced on 21 December 2023. Dubbed 'Life3 Urban Sustainability Hub' (LUSH), the project involves a $2 million joint investment from local tech startup Life3 Biotech and Union Solar, a subsidiary of Union Energy Group. During the groundbreaking ceremony, Minister of State for Culture, Community, and Youth and Minister of State for Trade and Industry Low Yen Ling, highlighted Singapore's vulnerability to global supply chain disruptions due to its heavy dependence on food imports. The low-carbon, high-tech urban food production system pioneered by Life3 Biotech stands as a significant remedy to address local resource scarcity.


SBF CEO Kok Ping Soon commented that “Singapore needs multiple food production companies, employing various methods, LUSH's solar-powered high-protein food production method is particularly noteworthy.”

Friday, 22 December 2023