SBF and FEC launch book of inspirational stories featuring 20 business leaders

The ‘20 Conversations’ book commemorates SBF’s 20th Anniversary and shares insights on leadership, resilience and partnerships for growth.  

The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and Future Economy Council (FEC) jointly launched the “20 Conversations” commemorative book at a thought leadership and networking event today attended by close to 100 local business leaders. This joint initiative is an effort to help instil confidence, inspire transformation, and incite the pursuit of new opportunities as businesses forge ahead with renewed vigour.

The book chronicles insights from 20 outstanding Singapore business leaders across different industry sectors and company types, and highlights their unique journeys in leadership, business resilience, innovation and transformation, and partnerships for growth. Sharing their reflections in a series of interviews, they also touched on important lessons learnt and the opportunities moving forward. The list of 20 business leaders profiled in the book is found in Annex A.

As SBF celebrates its 20th Anniversary, the book is a timely reminder that the business landscape continues to change rapidly, and business leaders must have both foresight and fortitude to steer their businesses to achieve resilience and success. SBF has been working in close partnership with FEC on industry transformation to shape our enterprises and equip our workers for the future.   

Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, and Chairman of the Future Economy Council and National Research Foundation, Mr Heng Swee Keat launched the “20 Conversations” book today together with Chairman of SBF Mr Lim Ming Yan. DPM Heng also participated in a fireside chat titled “‘Emerging Opportunities for Growth, Leadership and Innovation for a Thriving Singapore in a Changing World”. During the fireside chat moderated by SBF Council Member Ms Lisa Liaw, DPM Heng shared his views on macroeconomic trends, business opportunities in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and how Singapore can continue to nurture talent to support our economic growth.

DPM Heng said, “The strength of our economy is built on the foundation of mutual trust and partnership with our Trade Associations and Chambers. Over the past two decades, SBF has been a key partner in our economic transformation journey. The Future Economy Council would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to SBF for initiating this collaboration on the 20 Conversations. I hope this book will be an inspiration to our business leaders to do more and to do better, and that they in turn can inspire others.” 

Mr Lim Ming Yan, Chairman of SBF said, “The Singapore business community has shown tremendous tenacity, even amidst a global pandemic, and continues to thrive in an uncertain business climate. I am heartened to see business leaders generously stepping forward to share their journeys to inspire the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. I hope that these “20 Conversations” will instil confidence and encourage the Singapore business community to pursue new growth opportunities, even in the face of uncertainties and emerging challenges.” 

The “20 Conversations” book can be found here.


Annex A: List of 20 featured business leaders 


Friday, 11 November 2022