Types of Membership & Exemptions

The SBF has of three types of membership: Statutory Members, Constituent Members and Associate Members. The various prerequisites and fees are highlighted below. 

For your convenience, a number of payment options have been made available.

Statutory Members

Local and foreign Statutory Members of SBF consist of local or foreign companies with a paid up/authorised share capital of SGD 0.5million and above. Statutory Members are entitled to vote at SBF’s Annual General Meetings.

The annual subscription fees for Statutory Members are as follows:

Paid-up capital / Authorised Share Capital Annual Fees*
SGD 10million & above SGD856
SGD 5 million - less than SGD 10 million SGD642
SGD 1 million - less than SGD 5 million SGD428
SGD 0.5 million - less than SGD 1 million SGD321
*All fees are inclusive of 7% GST

Constituent Members 

Local or foreign Constituent Members of SBF are organisations representing the interests and welfare of any business groups or communities and are entitled to vote at SBF’s General Meetings.

Currently, SBF has 12 Constituent Members.

The annual subscription fee is SGD856*inclusive of 7% GST.

Associate Members

A local Associate Member of SBF is any organisation in Singapore - including societies, sole proprietorships, partnerships, associations, statutory bodies, government agencies and unincorporated bodies - which elect to be admitted, or are appointed, as local Associate Members of SBF.

A foreign Associate Member of SBF is any overseas business or economic organisation which is neither a foreign Statutory Member nor a foreign Constituent Member, which elects to be admitted, or is appointed as a foreign Associate Member of SBF.

Local and foreign Associate members are not entitled to vote at SBF’s General Meetings.

SBF welcomes all business organisations to join SBF as Associate Members. The annual subscription fees for Associate Members are as follows:

Category of Associate Members Entrance Fee* Annual Fees*
Companies with paid up/ authorised share capital less than SGD 0.5 million SGD321 SGD321
Associations / Chambers / Societies registered in Singapore SGD321 SGD321
Entitles not within any of the above** SGD321 SGD535

*All fees are inclusive of 7% GST
**Includes Business Firm (sole-proprietorship or a partnership), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), etc.

1. Entrance fee and membership fees paid are not refundable on termination of membership.
2. Annual subscription fees are pro-rated till end December for the first year of membership.

3. Membership is auto-renewable annually on a calendar year basis (January – December) after the first year. An invoice will be sent to the company in January for the renewal of membership.
4. One (1) month's advance termination notice must be given in writing for termination of Associate membership.

To enjoy the benefits & privileges of SBF Associate Membership, kindly register online.  

Membership Exemption 

On the recommendation of the SBF Council and endorsement of the Board of Trustees, the Ministry of Trade and Industry enacted the SBF (Exemption) Order. Any local company or foreign company which satisfies the Council that it did not or does not have any employee shall be exempted for a specific period.

A company is eligible for an exemption if it fulfils the following criteria:

  • If the company did not have any employees from 1 January to 31 December 2021, it qualifies for exemption and may apply for SBF membership exemption for Year 2022. Please follow the instructions stated on Form E and email the exemption application form AND supporting documents in PDF FORMAT ONLY to SBF by 31 October 2021 via .
  • If the exemption form is not received by 31 October 2021, or if the company does not qualify for exemption, an invoice will be generated for the subscription fees payable.
  • Upon receipt of the exemption application by 31 October 2021, the company need not pay for the year 2022 subscription fee if the exemption is approved.
  • Incomplete exemption applications will result in delayed processing of the application.
  • SBF do accept digital signature or e-signature on Form E and supporting documents.
  • Once the exemption application has been processed, a copy of the approval/rejection will be emailed/mailed back to the company for reference.

Exempted companies will not enjoy any SBF membership benefits during the year of exemption. A company which qualifies for membership exemption will need to apply for exemption annually by the stipulated deadline, failing which the annual subscription fee will apply.

The Exemption Order has been revised in July 2013 to provide Continuous Exemptions for companies which have applied for three consecutive years of annual exemptions (including 2013). Should there be any change to the company’s status with regard to staffing; the company will need to inform SBF as their Continuous Exemption status will lapse.

Exemption Forms for 2022

Form E - Exemption Application 
Form E2 - Statutory Declaration

Exemption Forms for 2021

Form E - Exemption Application 
Form E2 - Statutory Declaration

Exemption Forms for 2020

Form E - Exemption Application 
Form E2 - Statutory Declaration

Exemption Forms for 2019

Form E - Exemption Application 
Form E2 - Statutory Declaration

Exemption Forms for 2018

Form E - Exemption Application 
Form E2 - Statutory Declaration 

Access the directory of Commissioners for Oaths.

Authorised Representative

Authorised Representative is a person who represents and votes on its company’s behalf in all matters relating to SBF. For any change in Authorised Representative, please e-mail us the Authorised Representative Form

Annual Update Form

SBF constantly strives to keep your company records up-to-date and keep you abreast of the latest business news and events. We seek our members' cooperation to update us of any changes to your company's profile or staff's contact details.

Kindly fill in the SBF Members' Annual Update Form and email the completed form to for our records.

Alternatively, you may update your company information by logging in to our website. You may refer to the Guide on updating in SBF e-Portal. If you have forgotten your login username and password, please contact .

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