Using AI & Machine Learning For Market Segmentation

Note : This workshop has been converted to day in-person classroom training @ SBF Center (due to overwhelming response).


"The future is already here. It's just not evenly distributed yet." ---- 
William Gibson (American author).

We live in a data-centric world and the amount of data being harvested daily is ever increasing. However, no matter how our world is filled with data everywhere, we have not become more enlightened or better understood as a result. Although, our business competition is already harnessing the power of data analytics to guide their business decisions, many businesses still choose to stick with the outdated methods of yesteryears for fear of technical incompetence.

Large successful companies have so far invested early in machine learning analytics and capitalise it both as a defensive tool as well as an offensive strategic resource. There are many examples of such cases from international organisations such as Amazon, Taobao, Netflix and Spotify which use sources of data to effectively target consumers by analysing their online browsing and transaction history, and to personalise user experience to achieve a high degree of mindshare.

At a more fundamental level of things, do we really understand and appreciate AI and Machine Learning algorithms and what make them tick ? What are the strengths and limitations of such algorithms ? 

About This Workshop

This is a 1 day introductory crash course on AI and Machine Learning. Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of what AI/Machine Learning is all about. Case studies of successful AI/Machine Learning deployment and the strengths and biases of such algorithms will be discussed. In addition, learners will also get a chance to do some simple hands-on exercises to build their own machine learning model using a freeware.

The following topics will be covered :

1. Introduction of AI/Machine Learning
- What is AI/Machine Learning and how this algorithms have evolved over time
- Successful deployments of AI/Machine deployment in businesses
- Potential pitfalls and biases of AI/Machine Learning algorithms 

2. Deep-dive and peek in the black box of how machine learning algorithms work
- Understand by dissecting a machine learning model to examine how it works 
- Understanding AI tool ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) - its Social & Business Usage, Advantage *new*
- How ChatGPT works (live technical demo), its strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives
- Witnessing ChatGPT in action (hands-on practical activities using ChatGPT for corporate applications, workplace productivity, personal coaching, development and growth)

3. Hands-on practical exercise to build a machine learning model on market segmentation using cluster analysis
- Using machine learning to discover hidden patterns in the data set
- Understanding cluster analysis, and how we can use it to facilitate decision-making
- Creating a cluster analysis model using Orange software, an online freeware for machine learning, data visualisation and data mining.

Note : Participants are expected to download and install Orange software, a FREE data mining tool into their computer during this workshop to facilitate learning

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants would be able to :

- gain an in-depth understanding AI/Machine Learning and how these algorithms work
- appreciate the advantages and downsides of Al/Machine Learning algorithms
- perform cluster analysis on a processed data set to find viable market segments
- visualise the market segments and communicate the insights to stakeholders
- the evolution and benefits of ChatGPT

Who Would Benefit

Business owners, Senior Directors, Managers or working level executives who are in strategic planning roles, who has little or no technical data analysis skills but need to seek a good grasp of understanding data analytics without any pre-requisite data science or programming knowledge

Meet The Trainer

Andy Tai
MSoSc (NUS), Bsc (LSE), Data Science (JHU)

Andy has over 20 years of work experience in many establishments, including startups and government bodies. In those roles, he has been involved in analysing growth potential of Infocomm companies, assisted and supported many startups, SMEs and MNCs in their digitalisation initiatives. In addition, he has personally coached, account managed and invested in promising startups while they were still being incubated in one of Singapore's renowned incubation ecosystems, including BLOCK71 Singapore (an initiative by NUS Enterprise to build technology-focused ecosystem).

As a proficient trainer in data science and data analytics, Andy delivers analytics courses at many educational institutions, private and public schools that focus on business insights and macroeconomic trend analysis. By incorporating these into real-world perspectives as case studies, this has helped many learners adapt their classroom learning into real practice. Aside from data science and other quantitative training, he has also obtained WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) with the qualification to coach, guide and train adult learners.

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: Tuesday, 13 June 2023


: 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM