Measuring & Analysing Financial KPIs From Business Perspect


Most people would often say and agree with this statement, "Numbers don't lie".

Financial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are measurable values that indicate how well a business is performing pertaining to generating revenue, profits and values. Monitoring KPIs shows a business is on its way achieving its short-term and long-term business goals.

Key Performance Indicators (a.k.a KPIs), help determine the condition and sustainability of the current business model of an organisation.

Carrying out regular review of KPIs help firms to:

  • Identify the strengths and weakness of their business organisations
  • Spot potential problems before they turn serious
  • Determine which aspects of the business are underperforming
  • Increase the firm’s competitive advantage in its market segments

All KPIs have a common goal: To keep businesses well-tuned and ready for financial success. So the key questions remain : What's behind those numbers you see ? Do they spell Growth or Danger ?

Course Outline

This 1-day workshop covers the understanding and use of the following in accounting practice :

- Profitability KPIs
- Return on Investments and Profit Margins
Operations Efficiency (Non-financial) KPIs
Productivity KPIs, Activity KPIs
Cash Flow KPIs
Burn rate, sustainability, and free cash flows, cash flow ROI
Asset management KPIs
Total asset KPIs, Working capital (account receivables, inventory and accounts payable) KPIs
Liquidity KPIs
Current ratio, quick ratio, cash flow current ratio
Debt management KPIs
Gearing ratio, Debt-equity ratio, Times interest earned ratio
Business Valuation KPIs
Earnings per share, PE ratio, Dividend payout, Dividend yield
PB ratio, Economic Value Added, Enterprise Value

Note: Participants are expected to perform calculations using their calculator during this workshop

Learning Objectives

Participants will be engaged in learning and developing financial KPIs through the various classic case studies discussed

Who Would Benefit

Managers and executives who do not work in accounting and finance fields but who need to know how financial numbers are organized, presented and applied based on financial KPIs to be met when making business decisions.

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