Exploring Tableau Public For Data Application Visualisation

This is a ½ day virtual learning programme. Upon successful registration and payment, registrants will be sent a Zoom link and access details of the online workshop.


"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion only" ---- 
W. Edwards Deming (distinguished author and statistician).

We live in a data-centric world and the amount of data being harvested daily is ever increasing. However, no matter how our world is filled with data everywhere, we have not become more enlightened or better understood as a result. Although, our business competition is already harnessing the power of data analytics to guide their business decisions, many businesses still choose to stick with the outdated methods of yesteryears for fear of technical incompetence.

This ½ day workshop will help learners to connect the dots and create meaningful business insights from the data they have. Using Tableau Public, a popular freeware, it allows one to easily create the necessary visualisation from their data, glean key insights and share them with their stakeholders. This programme is designed to be interactive and hands-on, using realistic data sets (without the need for programming background or experience). 

About This Workshop

We focus on the essentials of Tableau Public, a free platform to publicly share and explore data visualisation. Tableau Public provides an intuitive drag-and-drop platform for users to effortlessly create attractive graphic plots, visualise patterns in their data without complicated programming language.

Participants will go through on :

- the art of data storytelling and the features to incorporate into the data visualisation
- identifying the different types of data and how to prepare them for visualisation
- creating the various statistical charts (e.g. bar charts, scatter plots, line charts, geographic maps and more) in worksheets, and incorporating them into an interactive dashboard 
- interpreting the results, translating the data, uncovering huge trends or small clues and performing sense making

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants would be able to :

- understand the different types of data and the corresponding charts that can be created
- select the right charts and its sub-components to use to best underscore the key takeaways
- learn how to prepare and clean the data prior to data visualisation and analysis
- create worksheets, dashboards and stories through the use of Tableau Public
- derive actionable insights to facilitate decision-making

Who Would Benefit
Business owners, Senior Directors, Managers or working level executives who are in strategic planning roles, who has little or no technical data analysis skills but need to seek a good grasp of understanding data analytics without any pre-requisite data science or programming knowledge

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