Essential Principles in Corporate Sustainability *New!*



Participants will be able to:

  1. Acquire a practical understanding of the key principles and concepts in sustainability
  2. Appreciate the importance of sustainability reporting and what goes into a sustainable report
  3. Develop strategies to build-in sustainable policies and practices into company operations


Course Outline

1. Fundamentals in sustainability

  1. What does ‘sustainability’ mean?
    • (i)Conventional descriptions of ‘sustainability’
    • (ii)Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    • (iii)ESG
    • (iv)UN Global Compact Pillars
  2. Global to Local: Impact of International Conventions agreed by States on local business practices
  3. Why include sustainability in policy, operations and practices into company operations – the ‘business case’?


2. Elements of Sustainability


  1. (i)SDGs
  2. (ii)ILO provisions
  3. (iii)ISO standards
  4. (iv)Supply chain matters
  5. (v)Application: discrimination/evaluation/rewards


  1. (i)SDGs
  2. (ii)ISO standards
  3. (iii)Decarbonisation
  4. (iv)Supply chain matters
  5. (v)Singapore Green Plan
  6. (vi)Application: energy/water/waste

  • (i)SDGs
  • (ii)Anti-corruption regulations/legislation
  • (iii)Supply chain matters
  • (iv)Application: governance committee/due diligence/procurement


3. Sustainability Reporting

  1. Global Standards/Frameworks in Reporting
    • (i)What are the different types?
    • (ii)How are they different?
    • (iii)Terms commonly found in sustainability reports?
    • (iv)Which standard should you choose?
  2. Essential Elements in Sustainability Reporting
    • (i)Company information
    • (ii)Materiality
    • (iii)Board commitment
    • (iv)Evaluation/’Audit’ of relevant factors to all industries
    • (v)Evaluation/’Audit’ of relevant factors particular to your industry
    • (vi)Plans to improve factors going forward and build in policies and practices


4. Strategies to Build-In Sustainable Policies and Practices in Company Operations

  1. Low hanging fruit
  2. Embracing innovation and digitalisation

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