Digital Advisory Series

Are you ready to Level-Up your Business today?

Don't miss out on the our 2nd run of SBF Digital Advisory Series happening at/on:

Location:  SBF Center, Level 6
Calendar: May 16th | either 9am-12nn or 1pm-5pm!

We're bringing together the best in the biz to help you future-proof your business and take your digital capabilities to the next level. From streamlining your business processes to selecting the perfect B2B e-commerce solution for international expansion, we've got you covered.

Our expert consultants from Accenture  and Stone Forest  will provide a complimentary consultation session for the first time to assist you assess your digital readiness, recommend digital solutions to adopt, and advice on securing your business's digital assets through data protection essentials. Plus, you'll get a chance to find out how to explore new market opportunities with experts from Innovative Hub

Looking to go digital with invoicing?
Our e-invoicing experts from DataPost and LinkFor will be there to help you with onboarding, adoption, and implementation queries. Learn how to maximize the benefits of e-invoicing and qualify for available bonuses and grants (*up to SGD 70k!).

You can choose to register for either the 9am-12nn or 1pm-5pm time slots to get your complimentary on-site consulting service.

Secure your spot now, join us and grow together!



: Tuesday, 16 May 2023


: 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM