Develop Xiaohongshu Marketing Strategies and Performance

In the dynamic landscape of modern marketing, harnessing the potential of specialized platforms is essential. The synopsis delves into the comprehensive training program focused on "Developing Xiaohongshu Marketing Strategies and Performance Evaluation." This program equips participants with the skills to navigate the intricacies of Xiaohongshu, a prominent social commerce platform in China and empowers them to formulate effective marketing strategies and evaluate performance.

The program spans 16 hours, spread across two days of intensive learning. It addresses a diverse audience, including marketing professionals, business owners, and individuals keen on maximizing their presence on Xiaohongshu. The curriculum is strategically designed to progressively build a strong foundation while embracing hands-on experiences.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the lesson, participants should be able to:
1.     Apply marketing principles on Xiaohongshu.
2.     Develop the brand identity suitable for Xiaohongshu's user base.
3.     Identify competitors on Xiaohongshu and conduct competitor analysis.
4.     Create marketing plan and align with business objectives.
5.     Evaluate marketing efforts, sales and customer engagement on Xiaohongshu.
6.     Perform marketing activities on Xiaohongshu and manage execution of marketing plan.

Target Audience
This course is designed for marketing professionals, business owners, and individuals involved in marketing and sales activities on Xiaohongshu.


Basic understanding of marketing concepts and familiarity with Xiaohongshu platform.

Trainer Profile


21 Mar | 22 Mar 2024 (To attend all two days)


9am - 5pm


Level 6, SBF

Cost / Person:

$745.20 / SBF Member; $853.20/  Non-Member (incl. of GST)


Fees include E – Course Handout.


Upon completion of the workshop, each participant will receive


e - Certificate of Completion.


For more information the program, contact 67011137 at [email protected]