Corporate Tax Planning: Maximizing Tax Benefits


Understanding Singapore Taxation Law, tax policy and incentives can assist companies to minimise their tax obligations and avail themselves to all the tax incentives offered by IRAS. Such knowledge empowers companies to develop optimum tax structure and policies to maximize tax benefits and minimize tax obligations this maximizing shareholders’ wealth.


Course Outline

-Basic understanding of Singapore tax regime

-Corporate tax computation format

-Tax benefits / incentive offers by IRAS

-Capital Allowance

-Double taxation deduction

-Allowable and non-allowable deduction

-Group relief systems

-Foreign sourced income

-Dividends versus Directors’ fees


Learning Objectives

-Understanding Singapore Tax Regime

-Do simple tax computations

-Be aware of the tax benefits & incentives available

-Learning how to develop and implement effective tax structure and policies

Trainer Profile

Paul graduated with Bachelor of Science in Applied