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SBF Foundation

The SBF Foundation was established by SBF in 2013, in response to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s call for businesses to be more engaged in corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to strengthen our social compact. 

The Foundation aims to enable and encourage contributions from the business community for the social, vocational and educational upliftment of all in Singapore. Its vision is to promote a compassionate and pro-active business community, playing its part to build an inclusive Singapore.

In promoting CSR amongst the business community, SBF Foundation collaborates with Singapore-based companies to assist the underprivileged and disadvantaged workers, as well as support education and training for the disadvantaged youth.

Set up as an independent entity from SBF, the Foundation envisions being one that represents the Singapore business community. 

Corporate Social Responsibility and Businesses

Increasingly, more businesses are looking at doing well by doing good. Many business leaders are going beyond the financial bottom-line. They are differentiating their businesses through their contributions and impact on the community they operate in. The triple bottom line of economic, social and environment will help businesses stand out. Organisations gain strategic advantage through the social benefits and value created in the community. Businesses will stand to gain with an enhanced brand image, better engaged employees and sustainable growth.

Corporate social responsibility and corporate giving benefit our society in many ways. Although Singapore is a developed country, there are still needy and disadvantaged individuals around us. It is important that businesses extend a helping hand to those in need so that Singapore can become a more inclusive society.       

SBF Foundation Programmes

In its mission to help the less fortunate, SBF Foundation has been supporting the following programmes:

  1. Company of Good with National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre
  2. SBF Foundation Global Education Programme Award with Institute of Technical Education
  3. SBF Foundation Training Awards at Institut Paul Bocuse with Institute of Technical Education
  4. Overseas Industrial Attachment Programme with Institute of Technical Education
  5. SBF Foundation Scholarship at Singapore University of Technology & Design
  6. Project IN with SG Enable

To find out more about our programmes or how you can contribute, please visit the SBF Foundation website.

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