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The SBF Foundation was established in 2013 by Singapore Business Federation (SBF) in response to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s call for businesses to be more engaged in corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility to strengthen Singapore’s social compact. 

As the social impact arm of SBF the Foundation believes that people are at the heart of businesses, and that a compassionate and proactive business community can lead to a more sustainable and resilient socio-economic landscape in Singapore. The Foundation creates platforms for businesses to care for the needs of the workforce and the community, and to collaborate with partners that will synergise actions for greater impact that build resilience and shape an inclusive and sustainable Singapore.

Key Initiatives

Galvanising business community to support employees in need

In Singapore’s society where employees give their best for themselves and others, industry leaders can also do more to offer support to employees in need. Industry-led Compassion Fund is a platform curated for the business community to pool resources with the common goal of providing employees with care and support from within. In the same way that corporate social responsibility entails corporates supporting selected social communities, the Fund champions corporates assisting the community within its industries.      

Supporting the vulnerable groups to enter the workforce

A resilient and inclusive workforce forms the backbone of the business and the economy. Building a support structure for disadvantaged individuals who are in transition from challenging circumstances to gain a good head start in the workforce goes a long way.

The Empower Circles is a platform to bridge the targeted industries who hires and the social service agencies who support and nurture such targeted pool of resources. In phases, SBF Foundation Employability Fund will support programmes that outreach to different population groups.

To find out more about our initiatives or how you can contribute, please visit the SBF Foundation website or speak with us.

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