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Singapore has a key role to play in the BRI

There is a need for more concerted and targeted effort to empower Singapore-based businesses with timely and practicable intelligence on project and market opportunities along the belt and road, and broaden their reach and access to regional partners, capital and expertise needed to take on BRI projects.

BRI Connect serves as an online and offline platform to connect stakeholders involve in BRI network, also acts as a catalyst to business match potential partners in BRI projects. It is also an online intelligence and partnership network with regional partners to meet the information and capability development needs of Singapore companies in the areas of BRI market and project intelligence, project consultancy and BRI resources.

BRI Connect aims to facilitate effective communications and connection of BRI projects and promote Singapore as a Regional Infrastructure and Financial Hub. The platform serves to promote Singapore as an effective location to structure and implement infrastructure projects in Asia with its comprehensive eco-system of financial institutions, multilateral development institutions, engineering and project management companies, etc. It helps to raise awareness of BRI opportunities arising from the BRI in the Singapore Business Community and connect people within the BRI business network.

The platform will aggregate public information of BRI projects for stakeholders create a support network of advisory and resource partners which Singapore Companies can tap on for relevant expertise and capital to take on BRI projects; and by building a cross-border business community on BRI which Singapore companies can tap on as partners for multi-nation projects in the BRI, it will elevate Singapore’s important status in the regional infrastructure development.

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