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The Ministry of Defence is conducting a survey to understand employers' sentiments about National Service (NS). This survey is about your business' views on NS and how your operations may be affected when your NSman employees are recalled for their in-camp training, and about the type of support and information your company requires on NS-related issues.

We hope you can spare 10 minutes for this confidential survey. This survey is for research purposes only. Your responses and identity will be kept in the strictest confidence, and only group data will be reported. Your feedback matters. To participate, click here. The deadline to respond is 21 September 2018.


MSMEs make up the vast bulk of APEC businesses but their success in accessing markets and GVCs is not commensurate. Small firms contribute, on average, around half of GDP in APEC economies. However, they contribute less than a third of direct exports- and in some cases only a tiny fraction of that. Similarly, women entrepreneurs – who are disproportionately represented in MSMEs – have yet to reach their full economic potential in cross-border trade. Recognising the opportunities and challenges posed by digital transformation, this year’s survey will focus on the digital agenda and the prospects for growth in 2018-2019.

The ABAC-USC Survey on MSMEs seeks to capture the APEC business perspective on barriers, impediments, and enhancers to cross-border trade for micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises, with a particular focus on the digital economy and women-led enterprises. The research will offer practical steps to policy makers for enhancing cross-border trade. Your feedback matters. To participate, click here


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