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Policy Papers

The Human Touch: Balancing Manpower Resilience With Productivity For Transformation  

Developed in close consultation with businesses, trade associations and chambers (TACs) in Lifestyle Services, Environmental Services and Estate and Facilities (EFM) Services, the SBF manpower policy paper articulates the manpower challenges faced by these sectors and calls on key stakeholders including businesses, trade associations and chambers (TACs), government agencies, unions and post-secondary educational institutions (PSEIs) to collectively support the manpower needs of these sectors to unlock sustainable and inclusive growth.   

With Singapore on a firm footing towards endemicity in 2022, businesses in Lifestyle Services, Environmental Services and Estate and Facilities (EFM) Services are ramping up operations to cater to demand and new growth opportunities but are limited by the ongoing manpower crunch. The paper puts forth 9 key actions that key stakeholders can take in a concerted effort to address these long-standing manpower challenges so that businesses in these sectors can look ahead towards sustainable and inclusive growth. 

Download the Paper
Download the Paper



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Uplifting Women in the Workforce

The SBF policy paper on “Uplifting Women in the Workforce:  Investing in the Success of Women in Singapore” is published in support of the Year of Celebrating SG Women in 2021. The report is a consolidation of insights from participants in SBF organised engagements, the business community, Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs), unions, and government agencies, underscores the whole-of-nation commitment to support women in their career and entrepreneurial aspirations. 

The paper proposes 12 recommendations put together through extensive consultations from public surveys, interviews and focus group discussions from September to November 2021. A total of 1,140 individuals and 116 business leaders, as well as representatives from TACs, unions, and government agencies, shared their perspectives on actions needed to create a more inclusive workforce and ways to uplift women in the workplace and business arena.

Following on from the paper, SBF will work with our TAC partners to drive education and outreach as part of our Sustainable Employment endeavour to build a community of progressive companies committed to undertaking purposeful actions for business and employee success.

Download the Paper
Download the Paper
Visit the SBF Sustainable Employment Microsite
Visit the SBF Sustainable Employment Microsite

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Sustainability in Business, Sustainability as Business: Green Growth Opportunities for Singapore Companies

The Policy Paper on Sustainability is a ground-up, sense-making effort by the industry, for the industry. Led by SBF and supported by our Knowledge Partners Ernst & Young (EY), Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS), and United Overseas Bank (UOB), the Policy Paper involved over a 100 industry stakeholders and business leaders in detailed conversations on environmental sustainability-related opportunities and challenges for Singapore businesses. The Policy Paper provides clarity on the green growth opportunities for Singapore companies, and details recommendations on both business action and government support needed to expedite the momentum towards environmental sustainability as a viable business proposition.

SBF, as Singapore’s apex business chamber, will step up our efforts to help companies capitalise on suitable green opportunities. Together, the business community and its stakeholders can collaborate to transform Singapore into a ‘Bright Green Spark’.

Download the Paper
Download the Paper
Hear from Business Leaders
Hear from Business Leaders

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Position Paper for a Vibrant Singapore

The SBF Position Paper for a Vibrant Singapore is a private sector initiative led by SBF, and supported by the major trade associations and business chambers, as well as prominent members of the Singapore business community. The objective of the paper is to present and reinforce to the newly formed government, the issues that are essential to support business and economic growth, so that we can collectively work together to enable a more prosperous and inclusive Singapore.

SBF continues to gather views from the business community after the public release of the paper, and share these views with the Government, including the Committee on the Future Economy. We hope that a wider public discussion will lead to the formulation of better Government policies for the future of Singapore and our businesses.

About the Position Paper
About the Position Paper
Recommendations & download the paper
Recommendations & Download the Paper

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Position Paper on Population

SBF was invited by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) to provide views and suggestions on Singapore's population issues and related policies. The Paper focuses on the importance for Singapore to cultivate a sustainable supply of high-quality manpower to drive its economy and keep it competitive.

The Position Paper was put together based on consultations with and feedback from members of the SBF-led SME Committee and SBF Council, as well as various discussions, seminars and feedback sessions with the business community. It was published on 28 December 2012.

Download Position Paper on Population.

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