International Advocacy

SBF monitors developments in international trade and geopolitics that have the potential to impact Singapore businesses, and advocates for their interests through championing free trade and other important issues at international platforms.

SBF represents Singapore on the global stage through participation in the following international business platforms:

APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC)

SBF, as the ABAC Singapore secretariat, represents Singapore’s business interests on trade and investment issues in the region. We attend quarterly meetings to meet with other Asia-Pacific business leaders and discuss on emerging topics such as trade liberalisation, leveraging on the digital economy, climate change, and more recently, the region’s work in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

ABAC prepares annual reports which highlights policy recommendations to the APEC leaders. To read the latest ABAC report, click here.
ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC)

Inaugurated in April 2003, the ASEAN-BAC is mandated by ASEAN leaders as the official ASEAN linkage to providing private sector feedback and guidance to boost ASEAN’s efforts on economic integration by identifying priority areas for consideration and making policy recommendations to the ASEAN leaders.

SBF was appointed as the national secretariat for ASEAN-BAC (Singapore) by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, to support ASEAN-BAC (Singapore) Council Members' work.

For more information on ASEAN-BAC, please visit https://www.sbf.org.sg/business-expansion/asean-bac-singapore.
Business @ OECD (BIAC)

BIAC is an international business network with a global membership representing over seven million companies of all sizes. In 2020, SBF became an observer member, giving us the opportunity to participate in policy group discussions on issues such as trade and the digital economy.
Business 20 (B20)

SBF is an Observer Member of B20 in 2021. SBF's CEO Mr Lam Yi Young represents the business community as a Member of the Trade & Investment Taskforce. 
East Asia Business Council (EABC)

SBF provides secretariat support to EABC Singapore in representing Singapore’s business interests on trade and economic cooperation between ASEAN and the +3 countries (China, Japan and South Korea).

SBF participates in quarterly EABC meetings and related working group meetings, seminars, roundtable discussions and ministerial dialogues. We work with EABC Singapore representatives via these platforms to continuously provide private sector perspectives and feedback to deepen the economic and investment cooperation in East Asia, and to further our region’s economic growth.

Click here for more details on the EABC, its regional initiatives, calendar of activities, official reports and more.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

SBF is the ICC National Committee in Singapore (ICC Singapore).

We work with relevant organisations to forward Singapore's business interests in banking, sustainability, and arbitration and dispute resolution issues.

In June 2019, we established the ICC Singapore Arbitration Group to promote ICC arbitration and other dispute resolution services in the region. The Group is chaired by Ms Smitha Menon from WongPartnership LLP. The vice chair is Mr Andrew Yeo from Allen and Gledhill LLP. If you are an arbitrator or lawyer who is interested to join the Group, please contact .

Click here for more information on the ICC Publications and ICC Digital Library.
World Trade Organisation (WTO)

SBF monitors the developments and the reformation of the WTO.

In October 2019, SBF joined the ABAC delegation to Geneva to voice our support for WTO’s rules-based multilateral trading system in conjunction with WTO’s public forum. Click here to learn more about the visit.

Supported Media Statements

SBF works closely with these international organisations to produce policy recommendations to government leaders globally in support of free trade.

 20 May 2020 ASEAN Business Advisory Council and Joint Business Councils Call for ASEAN High Level Special Commission to Better Co-ordinate COVID-19 Response and Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery Across Southeast Asia
 24 April 2020 SBF Supports ASEAN Business Advisory Council’s Response to the ASEAN Leaders’ Declaration on the COVID-19 Pandemic
 14 April 2020 B20: Statement on Finance and Trade
 5 April 2020 Joint Statement by B20, L20 and W20 on the impact of COVID-19 on Employment, Skills & Women
 28 March 2020 ABAC: APEC Collaboration the First-best Strategy to Combat COVID-19
 23 March 2020 ICC, B20 and the World Health Organization are calling for a coordinated global response to COVID-19

Publications & Interviews

SBF speaks on various trade issues in a number of international platforms. Here are some publications and interviews that SBF took part in to ensure that our businesses’ interests are heard.

 19 May 2020 CEA Media Interview on COVID-19’s Impact
 14 May 2020 ICC Podcast Series: The COVID-19 Recovery

Business Enquiries/Feedback on Trade & Investment Issues

SBF is intensifying its efforts to provide the necessary support to Singapore-based companies to grow their business into overseas markets. Part of this initiative is to gather business feedback on cross-border trade and investment challenges that they are facing, with a view to promote their interests at various platforms both domestically and internationally.

If your company has encountered/or is currently encountering any issues and challenges when conducting cross-border trade and/or investing into foreign markets, especially with the increasing trade tensions among countries, we encourage you to contact our FTAs & International Relations Department via the feedback form below. All information will be kept strictly private and confidential.

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