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Market Advisor, Southeast Asia & Pacific

We are seeking dynamic professionals to join us as Market Advisor for the Southeast Asia market region. Your mandate is to partner with Singapore companies on their internationalisation journey, by helping them take the first step overseas, advising on the latest developments and sectoral opportunities in the overseas markets, facilitating their businesses to enlarge their global footprint, and providing assistance in strengthening their foothold in foreign markets.

Together with a team led by the Director, you will design and execute activities and events for companies to learn about trade and investment opportunities, land with in-market partners, and localise for long-term sustainability and success. You will be given a portfolio of geographic markets to oversee.

Additionally, you will be expected to undertake secretariat duties and participate in organization-wide and/or department projects.

Job Responsibilities

  • Initiate and conduct research on markets, and identify key findings that have implications for companies, industries, or the Singapore business community in general. Research may include secondary (e.g. desktop reviews) or primary (e.g. in-market studies) research methods
  • Write country briefs and talking points for internal stakeholders
  • Operationalise activities aimed at building awareness of portfolio markets, and/or motivating action by member companies; activities include, but are not limited to: Symposiums, Business Forums, Roundtables, Seminars/Webinars, Workshops, and outgoing Business Missions
  • Contact potential Singapore companies to speak on their international growth plans and assist in making appropriate introductions to potential overseas counterparts and facilitating their discussions
  • Identify and cultivate relationships with local and overseas market entry partners to build SBF’s eco-system to strengthen our capabilities and knowledge in the overseas markets and access to local network
  • Provide market advisory, B2B matching and following up on leads to achieving the optimal outcome of closure of Project facilitations
  • Curate and plan activities to drive up market awareness and sectoral opportunities for Singapore companies in the overseas markets
  • Maintain and build positive relationships with key stakeholders; and provide administrative support where required. Identified stakeholders include, but are not limited to: Business Councils, Business Groups, Trade Associations and Chambers in Singapore/overseas and SBF members


  • Preferably with at least 4 years of relevant experience of which, 2 years in a non-profit organisation dealing with Southeast Asian markets
  • Excel in target driven environment
  • Good understanding of business processes and organisational disciplines
  • Ability to assess business performance and strategies through such means as analyses of financial reports
  • Good writing skills for country briefs and talking points
  • Ability to research and understand situational factors impacting internationalising businesses such as political issues, social developments, and environmental concerns
  • Inquisitive, open to new ideas, a self-starter who is adaptable to new situations and able to multitask
  • Respectful of cultural, political, and socio-economic differences and diversity, and can lead communications and collaborations effectively with internal and external stakeholders
  • Excellent organisational skills to set priorities and meet goals
  • Good team player who can take lead in your assigned portfolio and support other colleagues in the respective work streams