Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a holistic management process that enables companies to ensure their stakeholders’ interests and to build assets such as reputation and brand equity. BCM offers an effective framework to handle disruptions and enhance enterprise resilience, based on specific risks and impact identified by the businesses.

As BCM focuses on continuity measures for specific processes and their standard certification, SBF has been engaging to contribute to Singapore’s economic resilience by enhancing their BCM capabilities. As companies develop an integrated approach to strengthen their supply chains, enhancement to their verticals’ and sectors’ capabilities would be strengthened collectively as well. The Federation has been fronting advocacy and adoption of enterprise resilience initiatives since it took on the role of National BCM Focal Point in 2008.

Ensuring resilience for your business is more than insuring against costly crises and disruptions. Resilient enterprises enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhanced reliability as a competitive edge
  • Stronger reputations to gain stakeholders’ confidence
  • Corporate citizenry in abiding by regulatory guidelines from the government and industries’ standards
  • Preparedness to realise their growth potential in dynamic global markets

We welcome all companies to find more about SBF’s initiatives to fortify business continuity in Singapore. Singapore enterprises can also seek government assistance to defray their investment costs for resilience enhancement. 

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