The AccessAsia@Singapore programme is a SBF-led initiative that provides a single point of entry for foreign enterprises to gain access to Asia through Singapore. AccessAsia brings together leading Singapore-based professional service companies to provide key services including banking, legal and tax advice, expatriate relocation and HR strategy consulting for global companies looking to establish business operations in Singapore.

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Setting up a business in Singapore

The AccessAsia Concierge is a one-stop service provided by SBF to help global companies establish their operations in Asia. The Concierge helps companies with the all-important first steps: business registration, opening a bank account, securing office space, and recruitment. Companies will also gain access to qualified counsel on the Singapore legal system and tax environment.

The following services are available:

  • One-Stop Business Concierge Service
  • Registering a Company
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Sourcing for Office Space
  • Hiring Talents
  • Singapore Legal Environment
  • Singapore Tax Environment

Complimentary Services

The following services are available to foreign companies interested in setting up business operations in Singapore:

  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Banking and Financial Advisory Services
  • Legal Consultation
  • Wealth Management
  • HR Advisory Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Government Advisory Services
  • Business Matching

Opportunities Available

To enquire, email .

Business Matching

S/N Name Country Industry  Business Interest
 1  ICC Ltd  Italy Formulation and production nail polish, nail care and removers Collaboration partners and distributors in Asian market. Joint venture in Asia market
 2 Chantecler  Italy  Jewellery Franchising and joint venture opportunities. They might be also interested to have an investor to buy a participation.
 3 Luigi Botto SpA  Italy Hand - made men suit Looking for distribution and collaboration partners.
Looking also for financial partners.
 4 Leonardi Milano  Italy Shoes and accessories for man and women Looking for distribution and collaboration partners.
Looking also for financial partners.
 5 Pantofola d'oro  Italy Footwear manufacturing Seeking a commercial partner for the far east market. Seeking a qualified investor interested to evaluate an equity participation in Pantofola D’oro spa 
 6  1920 Ltd  Italy  Fashion Improving knowledge and relationships with the Asian markets
 7 Ferrari Jewels  Italy  Jewelry Manufacturer Partners to develop Ferraris Jewels in its local market 
Retailers and/or local Jewelleries interested in buying the best handmade Italian Jewellery
 8  Unichips Group  Italy Production and trading crisps, snacks, bread, cakes Entry into Asia Market
Distribution, joint venture for manufacturing 
 9 Versilfungo  Italy Mushrooms, Truffles, Gourmet products, fruits  New investor partnership in Asia
10 A.R.C. S.p.a.
Aziende Riunite Caffè
 Italy Coffee Producer Looking for distributor and market entry
11 AOP Luce  Italy High quality fruits and vegetables Looking for distributors in Asia market
12 Gelosa & C Ltd  Italy Furniture & Design Improving knowledge and relationships with the Asian markets
13 Studio Fifield Srl  Italy Industrial Design, furniture, innovation Looking for collaboration partners
14 ITI  Italy Sun & Thermal Shades Joint venture for manufacturing and distribution in Asia
15 Bilumen Srl  Italy Lightening appliance and systems Distributor and collaboration partners 
16 Status Group  Italy Design lighting with high technological content Improving knowledge and relationships with the Asian markets 
17 Segesta Yachting Srl  Italy High – quality yacht Distribution and market entry opportunities 
18 IKF   Italy Investment Holding Company Looking for Financial partners and potential investors 
19 Yesco   Italy Energy efficiency plants and services Improving knowledge and relationships with the Asian markets
20 Regen Lab  Italy Stem Cell Pharmaceutical  Looking for JV partners in Asia

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